Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Case Study

THE CHALLENGE: Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency wanted updated images to rebrand and promote tourism on billboards, printed materials and their websites.

THE REALIZATION: Montana's lush waterways and rugged citizens hadn't been the highlight of previous marketing campaigns. Truth be told, the national parks can often steal the limelight. But in Montana, where everything is big, there are state parks that would rival national parks in almost any other state.

THE SOLUTION: Over two summers, we spent time in state visiting state parks as diverse as Buffalo Jump State Park to Whitefish Lake. One trip involved a week floating down the legendary Smith River, 59 miles of pristine water untouched by development. The parks folks had plenty of scenic images of their properties. What we suggested was putting a human face to those vistas. The websites needed a human element and that's what Matt Mendelsohn Creative does best.

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