What's In Your Mexican Suitcase?

Okay, so it isn't exactly Robert Capa's "Falling Soldier," but my discovery this week of a long lost negative of Ray Charles performing in 1983, underscores just how tenuous our collective hold is on the past.

A post swept under the rug for too long

A photographer saying, "I'll get you some pictures, I promise," translates roughly, into "Hell will have frozen over for a million years before I get around to emailing these." The kind folks at the Granville Island Broome. Co deserve better.

Double Exposure

Photographers are a curious lot when it comes to the things we collect. Every shooter I've ever known has a closet filled with boxes upon boxes of odd mementos, faded press passes sporting more youthful (and thinner) headshots, and favorite photos made by our friends and idols.

Real heroes are even better

Four days ago I wrote about some of my idols--Charlie Chaplin, Dmitri Shostakovich and David Halberstam. We all have a personal stable of historical figures who we identify with and look up to. Like Frank Johnston of the Washington Post.

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