A Fine Vintage

Portraits are the legacy you leave to future generations. Whether it's a forgotten box in the attic or a long-obsolete hard drive, don't leave your family's photographic up to chance.

Field of Dreams

We go straight from the dog days of August right smack into the craziness of our fall portrait season.

Shooting Gallery

I turned to the gentleman eating a chicken salad sandwich next to me. "Jack," I said to the man better known as Jack Nicholson, "be careful, I don't want to get fixer all over you." Jack was a constant fixture in our little darkroom that year. Ah, the celebrity life.

Reunion? More like a Regiment!

Back in 2008, I remember taking a memorable phone call. A woman named Jessica Stafford Davis was on the line asking whether I would be able to photograph an inaugural event. A big inaugural event.

Parks and Recreation

We photograph so many families between September and December that it actually feels like it takes an entire winter to catch our breath. And now that it's been caught, it's fun to look back at some of our favorite families.

Through the Looking Glass

Each year we pick a new location, somewhere the kids can run and the dogs get soaking wet.

Cherry Blossoms 101

I see people come down to the cherry blossoms like the going to battle.

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