A Fine Vintage

A gallery of our favorite portraits from our favorite time of year.

I fell in love with photography the minute I went into a darkroom and saw an image appear in a tray of liquid. But that was in the late 1970’s and for the most aprt, images don’t come up in trays of liquid anymore. They come out of computers, and Epson printers, iPhones, and Facebook pages. Photography is undergoing a sea change, a fundamental shift so great that it brings to mind the transition from horse to Model-T.

But some things never change. The way we take pictures is different than from when I was a kid, but if anything, we’ve become a more photographically-obsessed culture. Pictures are everywhere now, popping up in text messages and emails faster than I can type this sentence. And while that’s great--especially if you’re in the picture business--I have one major concern.

Where will all these pictures end up? When your grandchildren go into the attic, what will they find? A CD with the words “Outer Banks 2010” written on it? Will they find your iPhone and know your password? And will your hard drive survive the next two years, let alone sixty?

We’re getting back to basics here at Matt Mendelsohn Photography, back to focusing on photographs that matter, back to prints that will last, and back to looking at photography as a legacy we all leave to our children.

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