Holy Camoly!

The wedding of Jimmy Wang and Diana Eng

Originally posted in October, 2010.

So I was made fun of last week.

I was shooting pictures of the wedding party of Diana Eng and Jimmy Wang outside Oheka Castle last weekend, when, in my excitement about the wind and the light and the gorgeous allée of trees unfolding in front of my eyes, I shouted out the first thing (well, maybe the second) that popped into my head: "Holy Camoly!!!"

Nothing, I've since learned, dates you faster than saying something like Holy Camoly. It falls into that category of ancient words and phrases like "aw, shucks," "egads," and "brouhaha." Like another of my favorites, the timeless "Geez Louise," using an archaic saying pegs you as someone older than, well, anyone who is within ten feet and laughing. But I'm sticking. My friend Connie Schultz at the Cleveland Plain Dealer once told me that "Geez Louise" is one of her favorite expressions. And Connie won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary. Call me Ned Flanders, but if it's good enough for her, they're good enough for me.

Truth be told, every single thing about Diana and Jimmy's wedding was worthy of a Holy Camoly. Especially the couple themselves, who staged one of the nicest weddings I've ever shot and still managed to stay completely relaxed. From something as seemingly simple as a soft boiled egg at their rehearsal dinner to the view of their wedding ceremony from the fourth floor balcony, every facet of the weekend, great and small, had me muttering in excitement. So let's go to the videotape.

Diana and Jimmy came to me twelve months ago. I had photographed the wedding of two of their closest friends, Lori and Matt McGill, almost four years ago, a wedding I'll always remember, and not just because Lori and Matt became good friends after the fact, but because the three of us--bride Lori, bridesmaid Diana, myself--almost all ended up in the Chesapeake Bay after the boat ferrying us to the reception hit some choppy water.

That wedding produced great things. For Lori and Matt, that would be two beautiful children, Dempsey and Calla. (To show how time flies, Calla was the flower girl this past weekend, carefully placing each petal into position, an excruciatingly hysterical process that had every guests in stitches. See the photo of her playing drums if you need more evidence of cuteness.) Speaking more selfishly, their wedding produced some of my favorite images of the last few years, one of which hangs at a 30" x 60" print in my studio. (And even sits atop the very blog you're now reading.) As you'll see in a few minutes, it's an image that requires a second look now.

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