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Destination Weddings Paris

It was 1998 and I was still at USA Today, the place I called home for the previous ten years. Newspapers were still flying high (I know, crazy), and yet I was starting to get restless. I was an editor by this point, no longer shooting every day, and I missed making pictures. Around the same time I was starting to make a little bit of a name for myself on the weekends, applying the same principles I'd been using in my photojournalist life but shooting weddings instead. So I took a plunge.

Some 700 weddings and twenty years later, I've pretty much seen everything there is to see in the wedding world. I've seen touching moments of tenderness, two decades worth of laughter, and a boatload of crazy relatives. You just have to take it all together.

My beard might be a lot grayer than when I started, not to mention that photography has undergone a sea change since then, but I still try and go out every Saturday with the same mindset I had in '98: look for good pictures.

Location: Paris, France.