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A couple years ago, my dear friend Leah Fried Sedwick asked me to take some pictures for the Olde Towne Pet Resort, the area's largest and most elaborate pet care facility. When the facility opened many years ago, I had put up a bunch of favorite dog photos--beautiful signed and framed prints. They were photographs of people I knew--neighbors, family, colleagues. But they didn't have any real connection to the Pet Resort other than the fact that they were pictures of dogs.

Well, we finally decided to rectify that situation. Time gets the best of us and Leah and I decided that it would be fun to update the walls a bit, this time using real Olde Towne Pet Resort clients with their canine (and feline) friends.

And so Dog Day was born. On one very hot day this past summer, I set up a backdrop outside the resort's Springfield headquarters and photographed people and their dogs. Some were scheduled, some just happened to show up. I used digital cameras and I used ancient view cameras. And we had a blast.