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Dumbarton House DC Wedding Photographer

Okay, so it rained a little on Rob and Kaiti's wedding day. Actually, it rained a lot. Like a monsoon. Like no end in sight. From morning until night, so much so that you wondered how much moisture could possibly be left in those old clouds up there.

And you know what? No one cared. Not Rob, who runs ultra marathons. Not Kaiti, who walked through a downpour like a trooper to do some portraits. And not a single guest, who had all come to celebrate one thing and one thing only, and I can tell you it wasn't the rain.

In fact, I'll bet you a hundred bucks every single person associated with Rob and Kaiti's wedding thought the rain made it all the more fun. It adds a degree of intimacy in a funny way, as if a bunch of friends and family were trapped in a beach house during a hurricane. Dumbarton House in Georgetown was as beautiful as ever.

But then Kaiti and Rob came to me from our mutual friend Curtis Groves, with whom I struggle to play hockey on Wednesday nights. (I struggle, Curtis is actually pretty good.) Kaiti and Curtis work together and things clicked easily. So by extension, Kaiti and Rob acted as any good hockey player would: Rain? Where's the beer?

A quick shout out to Kaiti's dad, who couldn't make it to the wedding. I hope these photos give you a little sense of how beautiful your daughter looked. All you really need to look at is one photo--the one of Kaiti emerging from Dumbarton House to walk down the aisle. As she looks at the skies in that fleeting moment, that look says it all.