Eastern Shore Wedding
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Eastern Shore Wedding

Amanda Anderson, who married Matt McNally on an absolutely beautiful day last month on the Eastern Shore, didn't actually have any bridesmaids, so you might think it odd for me to even bring this up. These guys weren't into first dances and cake cuttings and all of the "normal" trappings of weddings that can get a bit formulaic. They wanted a relaxed Chesapeake wedding and that's what they got. The bay was spectacular, the sunset was amazing and the lemonade was perfect.

But luckily Amanda's friends possess a wicked sense of humor, a characteristic that is rarely, if ever, mentioned around weddings. Weddings are serious, formal events, right? Well, try telling that to this group of women, who in the midst of Amanda's make-up session paraded themselves into the room wearing some of the most--well, let's just say lovely--bridesmaids dresses they could find. At Goodwill.

Wouldn't it be great if all weddings loosened up just a bit? Amanda and Matt's wedding at Kirkland Manor didn't feel like it was on a railroad timetable, as some affairs I photograph do. It didn't feel like there was any pressure hovering in the air, as some weddings I photograph do. And in a wedding that featured the father of the bride singing a funny song to the couple during their ceremony and a Cuban woman rolling cigars from scratch, who could really complain about anything?

Weddings have gotten far more complex than they need to be, and I extend my thanks to all of Amanda's girlfriends for proving that a little humor can go a long way.