St. Regis Wedding DC
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St. Regis Wedding DC

A gorgeous ceremony at the St. Regis, just steps from the White House. A handsome groom. Add to the mix a classic Ulla-Maija dress, cocktails in the courtyard at dusk and a free ice cream bar from a street vendor stationed down the block and you've pretty much got all you need.

I love couples who are as easy to work with as were the Lucas and Lacy families. Each time we have a conversation, it's always about something other than weddings. "I just downloaded your brother's book to my iPad," said Suzanne today; "How have you guys been??" said Ashley a few minutes later; "You were so great to work with," said Andy's sister, after we bumped into each other at the skating rink the other night. (Which of course led me to pull out all of my photos of Alexandra's hockey exploits.)

Great families produce great kids. And it usually begins with a great laugh.