Sunset Wedding Photography Maryland Gaylord Resort
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Sunset Wedding Photography Maryland Gaylord Resort

David and Hope Porter had a nice wedding 25 years ago. (And no, don't ask me if I was the photographer!) But the pair decided it was time to renew their vows, to put on the kind of wedding they weren't able to the first time around, and this time around they had five wonderful children to help out. So on a glorious sunny day at the Gaylord National, they did it again.

I've shot five hundred weddings since 1998. I've seen it all, as they say. But vow renewals? Not so much. And it's kind of a bummer, because as Hope and David pointed out--in five wonderful-ways--this time around you get to show off what it's all been about. And what it's all about for David and Hope have the names David Jr., Nathan, Sarah, Priscilla and Faith.

Their children are among the most polite, smart, respectful bunch I've met. They're in school in Europe, in Brazil, in fashion--you name it. You can't help but hope your own kids grow up to be as accomplished.

It was truly a pleasure covering this event. A groom with top hat in hand and a bride whose laughter reverberated through the entire Gaylord resort, these two know how to throw a party. 

Think about it: twenty-five years is a long time. Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul and--wait for it--Milli Vanilli all had hits in the Top Ten that year. That'll make you feel old! 

Congrats, Hope and David! See you at the fiftieth!