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Not Forgotten: Yorktown Seniors 2020

Yorktown Senior Project

Natavan K. I goofed. Last week I accidentally uploaded an adorable “second,” alternative frame of Natavan doing her rhythm tap with mom and dad looking on adoringly. But I know that no high school senior wants to be photographed next to her own parents (my daughter doesn’t want to live in the same house as her parents, I’m fairly certain), so here’s a do-over. Have I said these seniors keep teaching me new stuff?

Natavan practices what’s called rhythm tap (think Savion Glover) as opposed to its more traditional Broadway cousin. “Broadway tap has showy costumes and often simpler steps than rhythm tap,” she says. “That allows actors and performers who aren’t trained in tap to do a few steps for the camera or audience. Rhythm tap can be insanely complex.” Who knew? Fascinating.

A veteran of Best Buddies and track and field, Natavan will be heading off to Virginia Tech to study psychology. I also love the fact that she told she’s been spending the quarantine teaching herself Hebrew. That makes my constant watching of “Bob’s Burgers” feel really insignificant! Tapping her way to graduation, we salute Natvan K.

Location: Arlington, Virginia.