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I’m very happy to be providing you and your families with a special kind of portrait. Last year, during the blues of COVID isolation, I decided to create a project for the seniors at Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia. The goal was to make a portrait of every senior at the school, but NOT to replicate an already-taken yearbook photo. I wanted something a little more individual and personal.

So we had every student bring something of themselves to the shoot. A thespian came dressed for Shakespeare. A young woman who loves to design theater props wore her prom dress and carried a Game of Thrones battle axe she made. A swimmer wore her goggles on her head, dressed in street clothes.

The pictures don’t need to be gimmicky. They simply need to have some element of what makes you unique. And if that means wearing a beautiful dress or jeans and a tie, that’s great too. Don’t feel compelled to dress up. But if you play viola or bass, I want to photograph you with your instrument. And if you play volleyball, bring a jersey and ball!

The sessions are short—ten or fifteen minutes, so let’s be creative.