Not Forgotten Senior Portrait Project
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Not Forgotten: Yorktown Seniors 2020

Not Forgotten Senior Portrait Project

The Yorktown Seniors of 2020: Andi C. Another picture I really like a lot, and another senior who doesn’t require my silly commentary.

Here’s Andi: “I’ve had a lot of different interests that I pursued at Yorktown. I loved volunteering and getting involved in things and being a part of the YHS community. I was on the YHS freshman basketball team, but after hurting my back I stopped. I was looking for a unique and different sport, and one day saw a poster about rifle tryouts. I had tried skeet shooting on vacation the year before and loved it, so thought why not? I was a part of the Varsity rifle team for the next three years, and was co-captain my senior year. I went to Regionals my junior and senior year. Rifle is a completely different sport—it's hard for people to relate to and understand because it's totally out of the norm. We aren't training to sprint down a field or score goals. We are taught instead to concentrate, calm ourselves down, control our heart rate and breathing, and steady our hands when we're in the different shooting positions. For me it was a completely new way of thinking about sports.”

Re this period, Andi says this: “COVID-19 has impacted me in many ways, but I feel for my classmates who never had their spring sports season (I was able to finish my season since rifle is a winter sport). The sting of losing the last few months of my senior year is something that I still haven't fully processed.

These last few months were supposed to be the best of HS -- senior experience (working at an animal shelter), working on my AP Art legacy mural that would have been hung in the halls of Yorktown.... Ever since my older sister's senior year, I've been looking forward to mine: prom, graduation, beach week and making memories with my friends. But I also try to put this into perspective, and think about what other people are going through -- real life and death situations. I wanted to thank you so much for doing this. You've given us this unique gift that is just ours, and something we can hold onto (so much better than looking at our parents' yearbook pictures on Facebook!!).”

Location: Arlington, Virginia.