Funny Senior Portrait
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Not Forgotten: Yorktown Seniors 2020

Funny Senior Portrait

Brook S. We’ll, we’ve seen Emily’s minivan, now let’s check out Brooks’ pickup truck. I think it’s a tie. I love that these two friends can kid about their respective rides. I learned to drive in a 1976ish station wagon, so anything’s a step up. Also, a big a thanks to all the parents who have performed background duty in these portraits. I know the background feels odd but it’s supposed to be unnatural. It isolates the subject in a quirky way while providing a cohesive, unifying element in all these photos. I didn’t set out to shoot 500 separate senior photos; I set out to photograph a puzzle that has 500 pieces. And that silly, roaming backdrop keeps it all together. I give you Penn State (We Are) soon-to-be freshman, Brooke S.

Location: Arlington, Virginia.