North Arlington Senior Portrait
Matt Mendelsohn Photography
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Not Forgotten: Yorktown Seniors 2020

North Arlington Senior Portrait

Adam B. It’s starting to become a common refrain: I get out of my car and an excited parent says “thank you for doing this!” before I even have a chance to say hello. Of course it’s the seniors I’m trying to throw the spotlight on, not me. We’re getting a ton of media attention but the joy comes from so many people talking about the seniors of Yorktown. That’s normally how the end of senior year SHOULD go. So I’m happy to shine some happy light. Like on this guy: “I moved to the United States in December of 2017 and began attending YHS in the 2nd semester of my 10th grade year. I love Virginia with all my heart, but I will never forget my forget my roots. I am a member of the Palestinian National Swim Team and was also a captain of the YHS swim team.” Adam will be attending the College of William & Mary in the fall as a Pre-Med/Biology major. “I hope to aspire to one day open my own clinic and look forward to helping and improving upon the quality of people’s lives.” Adam, like all his fellow seniors, shows incredible maturity when talking about the last two months: “Not being able to spend the last few months of my senior year with my classmates or take part in all the rites of passage that come at this time has been disappointing, but I refuse to let the pandemic rob me of the good times I had and the achievements I accomplished during my four years in high school.”

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