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Not Forgotten: Yorktown Seniors 2020

Senior Photograph

Tessa D. “When I got to high school, my main sport was soccer. My two older brothers were big into playing soccer, so I guess I followed in their footsteps. When I started high school, I dropped soccer for field hockey and lacrosse. I had to bust my butt to try and catch up with the other girls who had been playing the sports longer. It wasn't easy but it was fun. What I've learned from starting two new sports is not just about how to improve my physical performance, but that if I set a goal in any new experience and work really hard toward it, I just might accomplish what I set out to do. I made it to my senior night for field hockey. Not for lacrosse." It takes a lot to be a two-sport athlete, especially when you’re essentially beginning from scratch. We all celebrate your effort all these years. I give you Tessa D., Class of 2020.

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