Yorktown High School Portraits
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Not Forgotten: Yorktown Seniors 2020

Yorktown High School Portraits

Brian M. Needless to say, my entire career for the last thirty-five years came out of my work in high school on the paper and yearbook. I’ve been “photomat” since 1976, basically. (Yes, I have two t’s in real life but that wasn’t available as a user name!) I remember when the huge shopping center in Plainview, New York, where I went to high school burned down on the coldest day of the year. I skipped school and ran to where smoke was coming from. When I got there, all the water coming out of the fire houses was freezing on contact. The ruins of the supermarket where I worked as a cashier looked like a sad ice castle. Anyway, it was nice to see Brian wearing his Sentry shirt and holding a copy of last year’s graduation front page. (He could have been wearing a lifeguard whistle, or something suggesting several sports, but he went with journalist. Good work.) There won’t be a physical, in-person ceremony this year but all of us in the community are thinking of you guys. I give you Brian M., Class of 2020.

Location: Arlington, Virginia.