Yorktown High School Senior Portrait
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Not Forgotten: Yorktown Seniors 2020

Yorktown High School Senior Portrait

Tyler B. No, we’re not at Bondi Beach but good old Arlington, Virginia—where the closest thing to surfing is renting a paddle boat on the Tidal Basin during cherry blossoms. But Tyler knows where to go, and once this quarantine is over he and dad will be heading out to the ocean.

“I spend many hours of my day riding around Arlington on my Onewheel looking for ways to leave my house,” he says. “I’ve been missing my friends greatly and can't wait to see them again.” At Yorktown, Tyler was part of the marching band for four years on trombone. He was a member of Tri-M Music Honor Society and National Honor Society. Next year he plans to study computer science at Old Dominion University.

He’ll also be joining the Hampton Roads Naval ROTC unit there. As to how all of this uncertainty has affected him, he says, “I have been enjoying the lack of pressure from school grades and activities and more time to sleep.” And, he notes, “I learned how to juggle.”