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Not Forgotten: Yorktown Seniors 2020

Yorktown Seniors

I had a nice chat with Madeleine and her mom. My daughter spent a year dancing (she was five) at the same academy where Madeleine started out. It came to an abrupt and hysterical end after we learned that Alexandra had a deathly fear of two things: the Nationals mascots and...nutcrackers. Luckily, Madeleine had no such issues. “At Yorktown, I was president of the French Honor Society. I spent most of my free time in the studios at BalletNova Center for Dance, where I have trained for nine years. Next year I’m going to the University of Virginia where I hope to study neuroscience on the pre-med track.” When I asked her about the sense of loss—of the suspended animation that this period has meant for these seniors—she echoed a familiar refrain: “This time in quarantine has had its ups and downs. I learned that my last performances and other end-of-year traditions at BalletNova are not happening (at least for a while), which was very hard to hear. I had been looking forward to them for years. I was also excited to walk across the
stage at graduation and dance with my friends at prom. However, I have found time to do things I didn't have the time to do before, like baking bread, virtually hanging out with my friends, or taking a walk with my family.” This morning we salute Madeline A., Yorktown senior who is definitely not forgotten.

Location: Arlington, Virginia.